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November 2004
Mon, Nov. 8th, 2004 11:03 pm

I can't wait!


Mon, Nov. 8th, 2004 10:47 pm
Guh. Sooo what's been going on. Friiiiiday night three transient teens spent a couple hours here. Crazy, yes? Apparently my roomie and his girlfriend met them from our balcony, as they were walking two dogs on the sidewalk below, and invited them up. Danica was over cos I guess I was going to help her pick a graduate school, although we never got around to doing exactly that. But she seemed thoroughly freaked about the transients being over here. The one guy and his girl were nice people, although the other guy was extreeeemely shady, and the other two said as much about him. Then two friend's of my roomie came over and decided to stay. Apparently the three transients were following the Grateful Dead around or something along those lines. We learned quite a bit from 'em. It was an interesting experience, to say the least.

Saturday I watched the Virginia Tech/North Carolina game with Danica. But she seemed fairly involved in looking over graduate schools. She didn't even realize we had won the game. :( But, yeah, we escaped from that one. Wouldn't have been too close if our special teams hadn't allowed that blocked punt which resulted in a TD. Hurrah for beating the team that beat Miami? Was disappointed that Oklahoma escaped from Texas A&M. Later, I got to watch in smug satisfaction as Clemson trounced Miami at the Orange Bowl that night. Then I went over to campus and to Danica's room to bug her until she kicked me out.

Didn't do much Sunday. Didn't do much today. After having the past couple of weeks filled with studying and tests and stuff, it feels reaaally weird to not have anything big to do. Kinda have the feeling that I'm forgetting something, but I doubt it.

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Fri, Nov. 5th, 2004 05:17 pm
Did well on my Public Econ exam. Had my 2nd Environmental Econ exam last Thursday. Our professor said the exam was going to be easier than the first, but I didn't think it was. At least when it came to the multiple choice questions.

Talked to Amanda for a bit yesterday. She might be coming up to campus with her sister, which would be aweeeeeeesome. So we'll see about that.

Nothing too exciting. After temperatures going back up to the 70s, things are cooling off again. It's supposed to be going down into the 30s tonight, so that's nice.

Halo 2 is coming out next week. My friends are planning a huge multiplayer party when it does. And just walking around dorms you can hear a lot of people playing the first Halo... maybe in prep for the second one.

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Wed, Nov. 3rd, 2004 12:17 pm
Awesome. Four more years of a completely dishonest administration, a national debt spiraling out of control, and a multitude of other problems! Can't wait.

On the brightside, copied and pasted from elsewhere:
- Obama, sweet sweet Obama
- Bush victory means Republicans deal fully with the legacy of Iraq war
- 54.5 million people AREN'T anti-gay, anti-free speech, anti-abortion, and pro-war
- Even in TEXAS there are almost three million people who feel this way, so the country isn't doing that bad
- Zell Miller is no longer relevant to anything ever again.
- Crazy ass Tom Coburn got elected along with mental case Bunning which provides not one but two opportunities for a Trafficant Republican
- California got the stem cell funding approved

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Sun, Oct. 31st, 2004 10:49 pm
It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, I guess.

Thursday night was our game at Georgia Tech. I had to turn the game off before halftime, since we were down 17-7. So I went back to studying in my room and had the boxscore up on my computer. Eventually the fourth quarter came and there was a roar from the other apartments all over Foxridge. That was when we had that absolutely amazing comeback rally in the last 5 1/2 minutes. So we all watched the end of the game and the win over GT.

Friday was the day of the test. 15 questions in 50 minutes.. kinda sucked. But I think I did pretty well. Talked with a guy in the class beforehand, since he apparently went to the game at Atlanta the night before, then drove back. I suppose all the damn reading I had to due over the week and the four hours of sleep I got took a lot out of me, since I was completely gone Friday night. Danica kept calling me and trying to get me to come to a party, but I was passed out. :( She was none too pleased.

Saturday... I think I played Evil Genius quite a bit. And ate. And talked to Danica. And then went to see my sister in the live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Danica. It was fun.

Today I did some homework and that's about that, really. Spent some time with Danica, since I don't get to see her very often during the weekday, and watched last week's episode of Lost. Gooood times.

And now, sleep.


Thu, Oct. 28th, 2004 03:35 pm
This week kinda sucks. Been reading and reading and doing more reading.

Our Critial Reading class started on the various works of Edgar Allan Poe, and our professor assigned us way too much to read (even she said so). It was interesting to discover that Poe's Dupin and his detective stories predated that of Sherlock Holmes. The More You Know!, I guess.

Have a Public Economics exam tomorrow over 3 chapters covering about 230 pages of material. Yeeeees, fun. I guess I'm not that worried, since I did well on the previous exam and it wasn't too bad. The last class he had us write questions we think should be on the test, then he went over each on and told us if it would work and/or how he would word it, since he hadn't written the exam yet. We'll see.

Pressured by friends into signing up for that Thefacebook thing and got my profile somewhat made up. It was a more than welcomed diversion from reading copious amounts of material. Probably should have started on it after I'm done with my exam.

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Fri, Oct. 22nd, 2004 03:26 pm
Finished my goddamn Frankenstein paper this morning at around 4am. God that sucked. I gave up what I was working on Wednesday because I wasn't very happy with the thesis and didn't think I could come close to getting six pages worth of material out of it. Plus I watched most of the Red Sox/Yankees game, whoops. So I spent yesterday working on how bad parenting was in Frankenstein. Spending half an hour around 3am talking to Kate about Sherlock Holmes probably didn't help matters much, but at that time of the night I was dazed and confused.

Blah blah blah.

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Wed, Oct. 20th, 2004 11:04 am
Well, this week started off wonderfully (heeeaaavy sarcasm). Over the weekend I sent an email to my Director of Undergraduate Studies detailing my DARs problem. She merely forwarded it to the undergraduate advisor, the same person who didn't fix it the last two times she told me she would, but this time she did fix it. And then she sent me an email ten minutes later telling me that I'm now missing one econ elective. Yes, apparently my ECON 3104 was counted twice on by DARs, even though it was red-flagging it as not having been completed, so when it was finally fucking fixed I'm now down an in-major elective. It's absolutely amazing. I couldn't graduate because DARs was red-flagging a course that I completed and now I can't graduate because DARs fucked up again. My advisor and the undergraduate advisor both looked at my schedule last semester and told me I'd have enough credits to graduate after this fall, but apparently I now do not. If she fixed the problem last semester like she told me she would, I wouldn't be having this problem as it would have presented itself in enough time for me to fix it. So... we'll see what happens. It looks like they actually want me to stay another semester to take one class that I was told I didn't need. Fuckers.

Have six to eight page essay to turn in this Friday. Hurrah.

Dad is coming down Friday till Saturday. Mom is coming down Saturday till Sunday. Fun stuff.

It looks like Jess and Matt broke up. It kinda surprised me, since I didn't really expect it to happen after everything that's happened. I talked with Jess a little bit yesterday and she seems okay. But I worry about her. I hope she'll get through her midterms and things will start looking up. And I hope her Red Sox beat the damn Yankees. I don't even like MLB, yet I hate the Yankees.

Saw Garden State at the Lyric with Danica and some of her friends. It was a really good movie and I enjoyed it a lot. It had a really good soundtrack, too. I didn't completely like Zach Braff (he played Largeman, the main character). I think he may have done a little too much by writing, directing AND being the main star of his film. He didn't seem very comfortable as an actor, especially opposite Natalie Portman, but I guess that might have been more of a trait of the character. Who knows. It's still a really good movie.

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Sat, Oct. 16th, 2004 07:27 pm
Nothing of much importance happened this school week. Wednesday I had my Civil War exam and it went.. okay. Wasn't quite as I expected it to be. But whatever. Friday I missed my two morning classes as I slept right through them. Didn't get much sleep that night.

Danica came over yesterday. We talked for a while about things. Had her watch the four episodes of Lost that have aired. Hopefully she'll now be addicted to the show like I am. Then she stayed the night. I'm not exactly sure what is going between me and her. I dunno what's going on in her head, so I'm just approaching things slowly. Cryptic, I'm sure, but details would be for a private entry. :P But I feel quite happy around her; she's fun to be with and to talk to. Braved gameday traffic to drop her off at campus. Wasn't that bad, actually. Although maybe Southgate bares the brunt of traffic.

The Virginia Tech homecoming game was today against Florida A&M. Since we're not in the top 25 and Florida A&M is.. well.. Florida A&M, the game wasn't televised at all. So I just periodically checked the live boxscore on CNNSI while wishing Kansas State to beat Oklahoma. So we beat them badly. Apparently, at one point, FA&M had a first down on our one yard line. They couldn't get it into the endzone on first, second, third OR fourth down. Amazing. They went scoreless against VT.

And I finally made myself pancakes today. Hurrah.

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Sun, Oct. 10th, 2004 11:32 am
The Wake Forest game was.. interesting. I was hoping it wouldn't be that close of a game, towards the end. Hopefully we'll play better against Florida A&M next weekend. Texas-OU was disappointing; I was hoping Texas would finally trounce OU.

Watched the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka last night. It's a great track to hold a grand prix. After an earthquake and typhoon hit the area over the weekend, the race ended up being held in the sunshine with a completely dry track (other than a puddle under the bridge). It was also the first time in Formula 1 history that qualifying was held on the some day as the race. Michael Schumacher extended his various records with a first place finish, but it was disappointing to see Barrichello taken out of the race after a collision with Coulthard that took them both out. And it was Panis' last race as a full-time competitor, so that leaves Schumi as the oldest driver out there.

Got a letter from Jess yesterday. Sooo I need to write her back asap. It was great getting a letter from her. Seems that she's moving out of her apartment to another one, so I wish her the best of luck in that and that the rest of the year will be better off for her. I'm looking forward to seeing her again, but it probably won't be till Thanksgiving.

Was also looking forward to making pancakes now, but I have the wrong pancake mix. So that idea is nixed. On to making something else.

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